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This section will be dedicated to using the Segway in the Bay Area. We hope to provide tips and suggestions to make getting around on your Segway as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Mass Transit and Segways

Our resident transit advocate, Michael Dupray, has put together a brief paragraph on mass transit - specifically rail transit - and the Segway.

AMTRAK, ACE, BART, Sac Light Rail

BART is a roll on. ACE, AMTRAK & Light Rail you use power assist and lift it on. If you have an ADA placard they are required to assist you. AMTRAK is not very good at it. Sac Light Rail will allow you on the front car so you can roll on if you have the placard. Otherwise on all systems it is treated as a bike. The ACE train shuttle between Pleasanton ACE station and BART treat it as an assistive device with the caveat that it must give way to wheel chairs or persons with disabilities. I believe the bus system that operates in the Dublin, Pleasanton & Walnut Creek areas allow them with the same caveats.

At the BART stations you cannot ride your Segway. It is especially dangerous on the platforms for obvious reasons. However, if you have an ADA placard you may be allowed to ride it on the platform. Those who are legally blind and have an ADA placard but can walk should not ride on the platforms. If someone accidentally or purposely gives you a push in the wrong direction you can easily end up on the 3rd rail.
The Segway fits nicely in the cargo space of long haul transit buses like the AMTRAK shuttle buses with its neck collapsed.

BART's EPAMD policy can be found here.

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