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Our own illustrious Victor Miller was interviewed by the folks at Horror Year Book. It's a pretty good interview with one of the most spectacular falls ever caught during a Segway Polo match.

The AT&T Tech Channel's Hugh Thompson comes out and plays a little polo with us.

NBC 11's Bob Redell did a fun story (Quicktime - High Quality 26MB, Low Quality 9MB) on Segway Polo for the run up to the 2007 Woz Challenge Cup. There's a good shot of our own George Clark showing how not to stay on a Segway.

Bay Area SEG member Michael Dupray has a couple of wild turkeys that follow him to work. KNTV did a story on his unusual escort.



CNBC's High Net Worth did a story on Segway Polo or Silicon Valley Polo as they called it. You can see the video here (17.5MB). You can read the story in Jim Goldman's Tech Check on CNBC's website.

Steve Steinberg, Bay Area SEG member and co-owner of Segway of Oakland has started running Segway tours of Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Some Bay Area SEG members went on the tour and thought it was a great way to see a hidden treasure in the Bay Area. The Marin Independend Journal had a story.

Bay Area SEG member Stuart Moore was featured in the Willow Glen Resident, his local paper, in a story about Segway Polo.

With gas prices sky high KGO, our local ABC affiliate, did a story on Bay Area SEG member Laura Knight and the savings she's realizing by using her Segway as part of her commute to and from work.

CNET's Tom Merritt at the Maker Faire interviewing Woz about Segway HT Polo. Very good interview.

CNET's Rafe Needleman blogged about our Segway HT Polo demos at the recent Maker Faire in San Mateo. We had a lot of fun out there and most of the attendees seemed to enjoy it.

With Segway HT Polo's popularity increasing the organizers of SegFest have decided to include it in the regional gatherings. A few of our Bay Area SEG members attended SegFest in New Hampshire and, in addition to a visit to Dean Kamen's home, played polo all 3 days! The Union Leader in New Hampshire ran an article about Segway HT Polo at the event.

The June issue of POLO Players' Edition has an article about Segway HT Polo. Now polo players around the world can see how it's done with two wheels and gyroscopes. See a scan of the article here.

Weekend Today had a story on Segway HT Polo on Saturday, 4/23. It was a very good story with interviews of Steve Wozniak, George Clark, Jonathan van Clute and Alex Ko. In this picture Jonathan van Clute and Alex Ko are interviewed for the segment. See the video here (High Quality - 11.6MB) or here (Lower Quality - 2.3MB).

Paul Costa was interviewed by New Hampshire Public Radio about Segway HT Polo. You can listen to the interview here.

Bay Area SEG Makes The New York Times!

The New York Times (yes, you heard right) had a very good article about Segway HT Polo. Paul Costa was featured on the front page lead in to the article (image at left). You can see a scan of the article that appeared in the April 1, 2005 edition here.

The Taipei Times picked up the NYT's article and ran it on April 2, 2005.

Alex Ko spoke with Leigh Weimers of the San Jose Mercury News about Segway Polo. Come out for a test ride Leigh!

We need to look into getting a "short bus"!

Stuff Magazine took a look at Segway HT Polo and decided they didn't like what they saw. Of course they've never come to an actual match (that we know of). Maybe seeing us in action would change their mind?
...probably not.

We received a mention in the Gilroy Dispatch for Segway HT Polo. Sorry, Mary Anne but we don't refer to our Segways as "gliders" - romantically or otherwise. ;-)

One of our newest members, Michael Dupray, was written up in his employer's newsletter. He uses his Segway for commuting to and from the Pleasant Hill BART station and his office.

Local NBC affiliate KNTV's "Tech Now!" did a segment on one of our polo matches. You can watch the clip here (3.4MB). Steve Wozniak is a cinch for the "Best Crash" award.

Segway Polo in Wired Magazine, Dec. 2004 The December issue of Wired magazine has a full page photo with a small blurb about Segway HT Polo. You can see it on Wired's website here.

Click the picture to see a larger image.

The Contra Costa Times had 2 Segway articles. Both articles mentioned our group or had quotes from members. The first was a general overview of the Segway and what's going on with it right now. The second focused on owners and how they're using their Segways: October 24, 2004

Wired News covers the SF Zoo Glide: August 24, 2004

The Register doesn’t seem to like our events

Bay Area SEG gets Slashdotted

Engadget picks up on Chris’ Segway HT Polo video

Tech TV Reports on the Segway

No less than 4 Bay Area SEG members have appeared on Tech TV. Jon Bauer has appeared on a couple of Tech TV segments concerning the Segway.

The first was a story about the recent voluntary recall by Segway. See the video (3.7MB).

The second was a story about a home made Segway. Jon appears in this report along with another founding member, Alex Ko. See the video (7MB).

Emily Wilcox appeared in a segment concerning people with mobility issues who find the Segway useful. Her husband, Trevor Laws (a founding member) makes a cameo. See the video (7.8MB).

Last, but not least, Chris Knight brought out the all-terrain Segway and put it through its paces. Good work Chris! See the video (7.1MB)

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