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A lot like horse polo but nothing to shovel.

2008 Woz Challenge Cup - Indianapolis, Indiana!

The 2008 Woz Challenge Cup was played at SegwayFesT 2008 in Indianpolis, Indiana. The Silicon Valley Aftershocks defended their title against the California Gold Rush but were defeated 3-2 in a very tough match.

Check out the ISPA website for more info. has been a loyal sponsor of Segway Polo and the Silicon Valley Aftershocks. Thanks,!

The 2007 Woz Challenge Cup Results!

The 2007 Woz Challenge Cup was a big success! The Silicon Valley Aftershocks defeated the New Zealand Pole Blacks 5-0 in a tough match on an extremely rough field. Stuart Moore scored 3 goals and Jon Bauer and Alex Ko followed up with 1 goal each.

Stay tuned for more pictures and video.

Haven Daley of the AP did a very nice piece on the event.

Segway Today has put together a great video from the event.

What started out as a lark has turned into a really fun way to get together and a good alternate use for the Segway. Interest in the game has really grown since we started playing. We've received a lot of media attention as well as groups from around the world forming their own teams. To commemorate 1 year we put together a video of one of our matches. Take a look at it here (10.6MB). Compared with this (3.5MB) you can see some real improvement.

For more information about Segway Polo please visit

Who: Anyone 16 or older (requires a parent or guardian's permission if under 18) with a Segway and some riding experience.

Where: Panama Park - Sunnyvale, CA (Parking on Ponderosa) - Satellite

When: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month

Next Match: January 18th, 10am Weekend Weather? Happy New Year!

Previous Match: Good match.

Details: Bring your HT, red key, a helmet, and a mallet.

Segway Polo


Segway Polo wasn't created by Bay Area SEG. At least one other group had played a version of the game at a Minnesota Viking's half-time. Our group got involved with Segway Polo when one of our members, Jonathan van Clute, suggested that we try to put together a polo match. While there was interest, it took Alex Ko to actually put together a couple of mallets and get out there with Jonathan to see if polo on the Segway would really work and, more importantly, be fun. It turned out to work very well and be a lot of fun.

After a couple of months of talking about it and working with everyone's schedules they organized the first actual "match" on July 11, 2004. Five Bay Area SEG members (Jon Bauer, Paul Costa, Alex Ko, Stuart Moore & Jonathan van Clute) showed up to that first match and played a 2-on-2 game. Everyone had a great time so they planned more games and more people started to show up.

The rules were formalized shortly after that and the players have worked as a group to continually update and change them as necessary.

Since the first few matches Bay Area SEG has received a lot of exposure from the news media and on the internet. Some of the stories have been good, some bad. Didn't someone say there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Segway Polo is now scheduled the first and third Sunday of each month, weather permitting. Check here for the date, time and other info.

Woz Challenge Cup Final v. New Zealand, 2006


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